This department is founded for the aid of different newly Muslim families and individuals of different part of country or globe

Education & Training

Equipping new Muslim brothers and sisters with basic religious education and training after accepting Islam and providing full education for young children of new Muslim families.


In the context of the international laws of the right to freedom of opinion and freedom of religion, providing all kinds of legal support to Muslim brothers and sisters who face threats from their family or influential elements.

Employment Scheme

Trying to make the nine Muslim brothers self-sufficient by finding employment according to their ability.

Dowry Scheme

For the marriage of nine deserving Muslim sisters, providing them with household items in the form of dowry.

Gifts and Aid

Distributing gifts, clothes, sacrificial meat, and other goods to deserving Muslim families on various occasions including annual religious festivals.

Monthly package

Neo-Muslims are mostly poor and low-income earners. Aaant-e-NoMuslim Foundation supports them regularly through monthly ration packages. Currently, this package is being given to 12 non-Muslim families every month.